Friday, February 28, 2014

I've Been Quiet....

*Sigh* I know I have been EXCEPTIONALLY quiet lately, on here and on Twitter. Most people that talk to me know that even if I don't stay on top of the blog, I always have a pretty constant Twitter presence, so here is what is going on.....

I went 1.5-2 weeks without was TORTURE. I could get on FB, Twitter, GR, and check my email on my phone....which I simply LOATHE doing. My phone seems so small compared to my iPad or my laptop and apps just only go so was sucky. But the BIGGER reason I have been away so much is because my life has recently been CRAZY!!! I have 3 kids. That should pretty much explain the most part of it. My husband is an awesome provider for us and I have been blessed to be a stay at home mom, but with this good fortune comes a husband that works CONSTANT long hours, I'm talking 12hr A DAY, EVERY day. :( This can leave a mom feeling pretty stressed out sometimes, especially when I have a daughter that does competitive cheer. This may not seem like a big deal BUT GOOD GRIEF!!! This is peak season for competitions which means 2-3 hr DAILY practices, and competitions on the weekends, sometimes out of town on Saturday and Sunday. Y'all maybe I'm just getting old BUT it's EXHAUSTING!!!! SO then I'm trying to get her here and there, take care of her two smaller siblings, and make sure she stays on top of school and's seriously enough to make ones head explode. And I know y'all could probably care less to hear about this...but hey guess I needed to vent!

Anyways back to bookish things, with everything going on I barely have been reading, I've been too tired, and have been suffering from massive migraines (my last one lasted 6 days). So you can imagine even if I did read a book I sure did NOT feel like trying to put together a review. Even the THOUGHT of writing a review made my head hurt. This has made me get VERY behind, which then has overwhelmed the mess out of me!!! I know others have gone through similar things and last week I actually found myself telling my good friend Meredith, from Pandora's Books, that I think I wanted to stop blogging O.o It was a weak moment of feeling completely defeated. Call it my anxiety issues, or the OCD part of me, I don't know, but I got to the point where I pretty much was just like "I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!!!!". Thank you Meredith for talking me down from the ledge, and continuing to console me and telling me I can do it! ♥ Also have to say thanks to Jenna at Jenna Does Books because she has also been SO supportive and has given such good advice to me about everything!

So then I see a post yesterday from Jamie, over at Perpetual Page Turner, all about how she no longer is going to call herself a BOOK REVIEWER. That post REALLY spoke to me and I could really relate to a LOT of what Jamie was saying in it. I too enjoy reading books and just talking about them. That's my favorite part, like Jamie said about herself, I am not the most eloquent reviewer and am also insanely jealous of the people who write reviews that look like they could be published somewhere and mine is over here looking like maybe my second grade daughter helped me out with it O.O LOL But seriously Jamie thank you for that post! It made me realize that I really shouldn't put so much pressure on myself, and that I'm not that only one who has a lot of the feelings I have! YAY for not being alone LOL

So my conclusion is....

I will continue to blog, it will continue to be sporadic (like I said I have 3 kids, you get it), I won't put so much pressure on myself with deadlines and such. I always write reviews for the ARCs I get and I never plan to not too, but I will stop putting so much pressure on myself about them as if it's a life or death situation. And I will continue to tweet my heart out to all my little lovelies on Twitter, because seriously that is one of my fave parts about blogging ;-)

Hope you all enjoyed my insanely, sporadic post full or word vomit! ♥♥


  1. My husband also works 12hrs a day. It's exhausting! I'm glad you're making peace with yourself. I think that's the hardest part - being okay with who & where you are at any given point in your life. I hope you're able to relax a little now!

    1. I hope I am able to also. I think the follow through is the hardest part! But getting overwhelmed like that seriously takes the fun out of reading, and I DESPISE feeling that way. It just gets even more difficult when you really have NO time at all for yourself.

  2. Life can always throw a wrench into your plans-especially when it comes to blogging and reading and reviewing. I hope things get a bit more manageable for ya!

  3. I'm exactly in the same situation! My hubs works 12 hour shifts, while I stay at home with my kids. It's hard and stressful but don't let it get to you. When you feel you need a break, take one. Don't forget you have to take care of you too =) Hope things get better for you Crystal! Much love!

  4. Awww Crystal! You are such a sweetie. I know you have been stressed and the migraines have been so bad for you. I say do what you can when you can and it will all happen, or it won't. Either way, the world will still turn and at least you won't be worrying yourself into a basket case! I love chatting with you and I'm glad you are going to stay blogging about and tweeting. Thanks for being an inspiration as well all go through busy times in our lives but just keep going! Let me know if I can ever help you out!


  5. I feel your pain. My daughter played soccer for 13 years (competitive & high school). It was a celebration when she turned 16 a year ago and could drive herself. (Of course that doesn't let us off the hook entirely. Still had to show up to watch her games :) I don't even want to think about the time and money spent but it's great to see your child passionate about something.

  6. First of all I am SO glad you aren't leaving us! Secondly, it's okay to not blog all, day every day. It gets exhausting for me and I'm currently single & unemployed so I cannot imagine how you are able to do it with 3 kids and a hubby who works 12 hour days. WOW! Of course you are feeling overwhelmed. HUGS Crystal <3

  7. I feel ya on being stressed. My migraines are getting worse and it's making me cranky, I was getting caught up on my ARCs and now I'm behind again. It's stressing me out and I barely read in February. I feel like I have all this stuff I NEED to do and it makes me want to just stick my head under a rock.

    I hope things get less stressful for you. *hugs* I miss talking to you! <3

  8. Wow, I can imagine that is stressful! But I'm glad you're giving yourself permission to go w/the flow. Life's too short to be stressed all the time! And I hope your migraines get better, or better yet, disappear entirely. =)

  9. Awww! I am so sorry you have been stressed and I totally empathize with the migraines and husband being gone at work do much! I think you do a fantastic job! I don't even have my own blog or write many reviews for the same reason. Anything you contribute is appreciated! Just do what you love, and are comfortable with and we will read it and love it! *big hugs* ♡♥♡♥

  10. If it makes you feel any better, I am way behind on my blog reading! Just getting to this and sending hugs!!! No sense putting pressure on yourself. Do what you can, and the world will continue spinning on its axis, promise!

  11. YAYYY!! Im so glad youre not leaving us <33333


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