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Sworn to Secrecy Cover Reveal and Giveaway

Cover Reveal: Sworn To Secrecy by Terah Edun + #Giveaway (International)

On Sale on Amazon, iTunes and Barnes and Noble February 28, 2014

I have helped Terah reveal her last cover so I was excited to get to help with this one! She always has such gorgeous art work and this cover is no exception! After checking out the cover make sure to enter the awesome giveaway!!

**Also if you are new to the series, SWORN TO RAISE (Book #1) is currently FREE on Amazon ;-)












Isn't it marvelous??? I always love the dresses on Terah's covers and this is absolutely no different This dress has a ethereal, magical look that gives me the impression of another world all together. It's simply gorgeous. I also like how it fits in well with the scenery. It almost has a grassy, meadow like look to it and fits so well with the outdoor background. I just LOVE it! What do you think??

Sworn To Secrecy by Terah Edun (Book 4)
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Coming Of Age


In the heart of the Imperial Courts, Ciardis Weathervane knows that death is coming for the empire. With her friends by her side and the new triad of Weathervanes, she's in a race against time to convince the courts of the same.
She must do her best to unite kith, mages, nobles and merchants under one cause - the fight to prevent a war. Soon she is forced to keep a secret that could exonerate her mother of the Empress's death, and is always one move away from stepping into diplomatic chaos. Throw in a Daemoni Prince who is showing interest in the youngest Weathervane, a jealous Prince Heir, and a irritated dragon with her own designs on Ciardis, and you have an Imperial Court in turmoil. This fourth novel continues the story of Ciardis Weathervane from Sworn To Conflict.
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Excerpt of Chapter One:

There were few things in the world that mystified Ciardis Weathervane more than the Imperial Courts of Sandrin. An intricate and multi-layered triad of courts with the Imperial family at the top, the landed nobles squarely in the middle and the wealthy ton comprising of the merchants, the artists and the mages at the bottom. If you could call it a bottom. Because nobles could be mages, Imperial family members had independent wealth and all of them played their games in pursuit of their own desires. Fidelity, honor and duty to the land wasn’t what drove these courtiers. Pride of place and greed for more took prominence above all. So landing back at Court on the arms of the woman that most everyone wanted dead and a man accused of aiding a serial killer wasn’t her best idea yet.

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Terah is giving away 1 ebook copy of any book in the Courtlight series to five winners.

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