Monday, March 24, 2014

Author Spotlight #2: Lynne Matson, NIL Character Sekrits

This is Lynne's second post for the month, I am a little behind on getting posts up due to unexpected events, which seems to be my life in general this year! But bare with me PLEASE :) Lynne has so kindly provided you guys with some awesome little tidbits this week! Enjoy and look out for her Playlist post for NIL this Thursday with a giveaway tacked on! 

If you missed her first post check it out here: Lynne Matson Intro Post and NIL Teaser

Character Sekrits

As y'all may know, NIL is told from a dual POV. There's Thad, a boy who, at the start of the book, has already been on Nil for 267 days, and Charley, the girl who lands on Nil as the book opens.

Charley and Thad view the island differently throughout the novel. Thad's been there longer, and it shows. Charley, on the other hand, is still trying to figure everything out. 

But what were they like before they arrived on Nil? 

For me, figuring out who they were before Nil helped me decide how the island affected them--and how it changed them. Each character had a life before Nil…a life that was very different from their life on Nil. Each character left behind family, friends, hopes, and dreams. I don't want to spoil ALL THE SEKRITS, but I wanted to give you a glimpse into each main character's world before they woke up on Nil.

Here's a glimpse of Thad's life before Nil; it's what he lived to do. He's not in this video of course, because when it was made, he was on Nil...

Cool, right?

And here's a glimpse of Charley's life before Nil. This isn't her high school, but it's the closest representation of what drove Charley before Nil...

Now that you know what Charley and Thad's life was like before Nil, aren't you a *teeny* bit curious to see what they're life is like on Nil?! :) #ShamelessPlug

Happy Reading! And thanks again Crystal for having me! xo


  1. I have to come back to these after I read the book! Can't wait to read it now. I've heard is a YA lost, so that sounds exciting, though I haven't finished watching LOST, still on the first season

  2. I also didn't want to read before reading the book. :)

  3. I need to come back after reading too! I don't want to spoil anything, I am so excited to read this book!

  4. It is really awesome that you're doing this whole series of blog posts! Sharing cool sekrets with the readers, posting extra content and playlists and all sorts of things - just so great :) Thanks, Lynne and Crystal!

  5. Thanks y'all! So glad y'all are stoked for NIL.:) And thank you for having me Crystal! This series is so fun!:)


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