Monday, March 31, 2014

Author Spotlight #2: Lynne Matson, NIL Playlist

This is Lynne's third post for the month,  Lynne has so kindly provided you guys with a playlist for the main characters on NIL this week! Enjoy and make sure to enter the amazing giveaway Lynne has so graciously offered! 

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NIL: The Tracks Behind the Words

Confession: I can't write without without music. 

Sometimes it’s the melody, sometimes it’s the lyrics. Sometimes it’s just the vibe the song conveys, but regardless, I always listen to music as I brainstorm, draft, and revise. (And revise . . . and revise LOL)

NIL was no exception! There were certain songs I listened to over and over as I wrote various scenes; same for the different characters's points of view. Since NIL is told from two different perspectives, I ended up with different playlists for each character, and as you'll see, each playlist has a very different feel.

First up is Thad’s playlist. He’s been on Nil longer than Charley and it shows. My favorite song on Thad’s playlist? Either Underdog by Kasabian (epitomizes Thad's fight against the island) or Ready To Fall (perfect as Thad's days run out). Oh, and I LOVE Pendulum's Watercolor and 30 Seconds to Mars! I'll stop. :) Here's the full playlist:


Next up, Charley’s playlist. Totally different, as it should be. She’s just landed on the island, and everything is scary fresh. My favorite tune on Charley’s playlist? Maybe See You Again by Carrie Underwood (because it shows Charley's fierce optimism), or Blue Jeans by Lana Del Ray (love the vibe). Also I Can't Do This by Plumb (that's Charley's lowest point). And Hannah Trigwell--oh, her voice is AMAZING, with a hint of longing. I could ramble on, but I'll stop. :)  Here you go! Charley’s playlist:


Maybe the most important song for all of NIL was Pendulum's The Island (Part 1) Dawn. So creepy good with haunting lyrics---LYRICAL PERFECTION from the island's point of view.

So there you have it! The words behind NIL! :) Happy reading and happy listening!

Oh--and my new favorite song these days? Dust & Bones by NIght Terrors of 1927. What's yours? 

Thanks again Crystal for having me! 

Lynne Matson

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  1. I always feel so out of the loop with these play lists. :)

  2. Thanks for the giveaway!! Sorry it took so long for me to comment.

  3. Music really impacts memories a lot for me. Sometimes all it takes is the opening seconds of a track and I'm transported back in time to a memory, either good or bad. I love the idea of associating books with music - book playlists are something I need to explore more!

  4. I love playlists for books! And what an interesting mix Charley has! Aside from the country stuff, I totally dig it. (Paramore!)

    Now, Lynne, am I going to have to keep trying to win a signed copy of you're book or are you finally going to come to Tampa? ;) (As if you're going to read this... haha!)

  5. What fun playlists! I also love playlists for books. I think it makes an extra connection! I really enjoyed this book a lot and Lynne is so sweet! :D

  6. Thanks y'all! And yes, Jenna, I'M COMING TAMPA!:) This summer….will report soon.:)

  7. AGH! You know I want this book! Lynne: I wish that you would come to St Louis! <3333

  8. Awesome playlists! I love Lana Del Rey and the Band Perry. I can't wait to read NIL!

  9. Great playlists.can't wait to read Nil.

  10. This book! *grabby hands* love the playlists!


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