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Seven Day Fiance by Rachel Harris (Blog Tour)

Rachel Harris' SEVEN DAY FIANCE is finally here! 

You can get it in your hands (well, on your ereader) right now! You don't want to miss this fantastic Contemporary Romance from Rachel Harris. Book 2 in the Love and Game Series, SEVEN DAY FIANCE can be read as a standalone. Check out all of the information regarding this fantastic novel and Rachel Harris below! Then, see what we have in store for you on this blog tour stop and enter to win an awesome SEVEN DAY FIANCE Swag Basket!



Angelle Prejean is in a pickle. Her family is expecting her to come home with a fiancé—a fiancé who doesn’t exist. Well, he exists, but he definitely has no idea Angelle told her mama they were engaged. Tattooed, muscled, and hotter than sin, Cane can reduce Angelle to a hot mess with one look—and leave her heart a mess if she falls for him. But when she ends up winning Cane at a charity bachelor auction, she knows just how to solve her fiancé problem.

Cane Robicheaux is no one’s prince. He doesn’t do relationships and he doesn’t fall in love. When sweet, sultry-voiced Angelle propositions him, he hopes their little game can finally get her out of his head. He doesn’t expect her to break through all his barriers. But even as Angelle burrows deeper into his heart, he knows once their seven days are up, so is their ruse.

My Thoughts:

If you have followed my blog for long you already know that I am a HUGE fan of Rachel Harris and her writing. So when I saw the opportunity to be a part of her blog tour I jumped on the chance. I'm here to tell you that she has done it AGAIN. ♥ She has written a brilliantly, beautiful love story that gave me ALL the feels and made my emotions soar. There was not a single thing that I did not love about this book. 

If you have read TASTE THE HEAT this picks up shortly where we left off with Colby and Jason in the timeline of things, except this story focuses on Colby's yummy brother, Cane, and her crazy shy friend, Angelle. Angelle is very cautious when it comes to men like Cane (you know...the extra hunky "bad boy" types) because of things in her past. When she finds herself needing a fake fiance because of a little lie she told her family, the only person she can turn to for help is Cane. He has a bit of an "infatuation" with Angelle so he agrees to help her out and goes to visit her family as her "fiance". Cane is just as guarded with his emotions from things in his past as Angelle is with hers so he wants to use this short trip to help get past his feelings once and for all. Only problem is when these two are together SPARKS FLY everywhere. 

The first thing I MUST mention about this book is the Christmas auction in which Cane wins "King of Abs". If that opening chapter doesn't draw you into the book I honestly don't know what will. I now want to know HOW CAN I HAVE AN AUCTION just like THAT one?? I imagine it would look something like this:


Sorry I had to get that out of my is a very crucial part of the book. So now I can get down to business. ;-)

I was once again transported by Rachel's writing right into Cajun country. I felt like I was there with Angelle, Cane, and her family the entire time. I would have loved to be at their huge Thanksgiving feast and all of their community activities. I was so immensely wrapped up in this book that I just could not put it down. 

I loved the way that Angelle's personality really shined in this book. In TASTE THE HEAT we didn't see a lot of her and when we did she was very quiet. She starts out very shy and reserved in SEVEN DAY FIANCE but she quickly starts to shed that skin and becomes a much more confident woman. Her character growth was amazing and I was cheering her on from the beginning. She had goals that she wanted to meet for herself and no matter how scared or nervous she got she pushed through. I was glad to see her get a back bone along the way and stand up for what she wanted and needed in her life.

Despite Cane's hard shell persona and trying to act like no woman can ever get into his heart, he finds himself quickly taken with Angelle. I found Cane to be such an amazing man with an immensely huge heart. I really began to understand a lot more about him when I saw why he kept himself so guarded. It was so intriguing to see how he broke pieces from his wall bit by bit while spending time with Angelle. He became very protective over Angelle and I adored him for that. He does screw up a few times and at those moments I wanted to kick him in his shins and say SHAME ON YOU!!! 

But in the end I couldn't have loved Cane more if I tried. (Also I want to be called Angel a million times over because I swear after this book it takes on a WHOLE new meaning ♥)

I loved that I was able to see both points of view from Angelle and Cane. I think it helps me to be more attached to both characters which made me love the book even more. There was plenty of emotion filled moments for me while reading because I felt so deeply connected to both characters. I felt so bad for Angelle in a certain scenario (trust me when you get to it you will know because you will want to kick Cane in the shins too) to the point that my eyes were watery thinking about how bad she must of been hurt in that moment. At the same time I felt extremely bad for Cane because I knew he was making a terrible mistake and just kept yelling DO THE RIGHT THING MAN. It was an emotional war going on inside of me. O_O

I highly HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone and everyone who loves a good book that will warm you heart and put a smile on your face. I can NOT wait to get the next book in this installment about Colby and Cane's sister, Sherry. Now go buy each and everyone of Rachel Harris' books and you can thank me later for pointing you in that direction. ;-)

My Rating:

Rachel Harris Bio:

Rachel Harris grew up in New Orleans, where she watched soap operas with her grandmother and stayed up late sneak reading her mama’s favorite romance novels. Now a Cajun cowgirl living in Houston, she still stays up way too late reading her favorite romances, only now, she can do so openly. She firmly believes life’s problems can be solved with a hot, powdered-sugar-coated beignet or a thick slice of king cake, and that screaming at strangers for cheap, plastic beads is acceptable behavior in certain situations.

When not typing furiously or flipping pages in an enthralling romance, she homeschools her two beautiful girls and watches reality television with her amazing husband. Taste The Heat is her adult romance debut. She’s the author of MY SUPER SWEET SIXTEENTH CENTURY and A TALE OF TWO CENTURIES. She loves hearing from readers! 

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  1. Crystal, I have to say, woman. You've done it. I loved your review and your extra pictures were tastefully done. I have to say this is the first blog post that I thought those things enhanced rather than detracted from the post. Strong work. You have totally changed my opinion about that :-) *huggles*

    1. *Dances* Yay :) I didn't want them to be distracting but I felt the need to SHOW my feelings instead of just writing them for this book. ♥ you

  2. YES!!!! These pics/gifs! I can't even....

    THEY ARE SO FANTASTIC AND FITTING!!! They just fit so well with your review and instead of taking away from the words, they just added to what you were saying! You handled it perfectly!! :-)
    And I love how the author chose to do it so that she wrote from both POV! I feel like that always makes me love a book more! I'm so glad to hear that Rachel Harris continues to write FANTASTIC books!! She really is SUCH a good author!
    Thanks for the great review! ;)

    1. Yay! That's exactly what I was going for! Yes Rachel is awesome wrapped in amazing dipped in fabulous!!! I don't think she could write a back book if she tried to.

  3. This review is made of so much awesome!! Thank you so so much--for reading, for reviewing, for loving my books, for your enthusiasm. You make this an absolute joy for me.

    Love ya girl

    1. <333333 All the enthusiasm I have just comes from reading you're awesome books!!! Never stop ;-)

  4. I have heard that her books are awesome!
    Great review :-)

  5. OH THIS BOOK! Heard so many awesome thing about this one! :) But I wanted to ask if the white spaces around the pics are on purpose. Its just that I've seen that on lots of blogs. I do appreciate the half naked dude though ;) GREAT REVIEW!!

    1. Just happens when loadi any pics into the format. Thanks :)

  6. I can't wait until I have some free time!! So may Rachel Harris book to devour!!! ;)

  7. You blinded me with ABS! Gah, I want to read this so bad. Please keepers of time, I need more time in each day!


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