Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Closer Look at DRILL (Rites of Passage)

I have kept it no secret since June that I absolutely ADORE joy Hensley's debut novel, RITES OF PASSAGE. It is easily one of my favorite releases of 2014 and gave me absolutely everything I wanted from it. It is also no secret of how much I LOVE ME SOME DRILL. Sooooo I asked the lovely Joy to have Drill fill out a dating profile, just to stalk him a little more get to know him better. Look for my review SOON on this book! 

Name: Dean Stamm
Age: 17
Rank: Drill Sergeant, Alpha Company

Favorite activity at the DMA: Anything that requires me to be in camo and running. God, I love this place.

Home Town: Lexington, Virginia

Favorite Class: Any I don’t have to take twice—so, nothing English or writing-related.

Favorite Sport: I don’t get along so well with others—does the Army count as a sport? No? 

What about Physical Training? Something like that I could really get into. 
You and me both Drill, you and me both. 

Favorite Extra-Curricular: See above (favorite sport).

Favorite Date: Is this some kind of dating profile? How the hell should I know? It’s not like I have time to date here, anyway. Alright, fine. Um, a couple’s run? Video games and pizza? God, neither of those sound romantic at all, do they? Should I say something like a walk on the beach?
We could really do anything you want to do. I mean, no this isn't a dating profile, no way.

Why shouldn’t girls be allowed at Denmark Military Academy?
Is that a trick a question or is the writer of this interview just being an ass? As long as they can carry their weight, I’m all for females here. Hell, I bet there are some females who deserve to be here more than some cadets who’ve survived a few years. 

Name names? Hell no.

Are you worried about what might happen when the females arrive in the fall?
Like what? We add a few more bathrooms? Look, military universities went co-ed years ago. It was only a matter of time before the DMA did it, too. They’re not going to ruin the school or water it down or anything like that. It’ll be just like the male-only Corps. They can’t hack it, then they’ll get the hell out. They’re strong enough to stay, then good for them.
I love you.

Do you think the rule about cadets not being able to date the new females is going to be hard to keep?
So this is a dating profile. Look, we’re here to go to school and to get a leg up for military universities. We’re not here to date.

But what if—

There’s no what-if. The girls are off-limits. I’m a rule kind of guy. It’s in black and white, so there’s no way around it.
We'll see about that buddy. 

So Drill, he is definitely one of top male book characters. Joy did an amazing job with his storyline and how he plays out in the book, especially everything with Sam. What do you think about Drill? If you have read Rites of Passage let me know what you thought!! 


  1. I read it and enjoyed it so much. Especially Drill. ;) I really hope Joy is going to write a sequel. That ending left me needing more. Thanks for the dating profile. I think I have a shot. :)

    1. She has a sequel, as long as sells do well we will get it!!! :D


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