Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Books I WANTED to Love...

So I had a few disappoints among my Fall ARCs list. BUMMER! These were ones that I was REALLY looking forward to so I'm really disappointed that I wasn't a fan of them. Instead of doing 3 DNF posts, I figured I would do something similar to my Books I Have Been OBSESSING Over post from last week, and just consolidate them into one! Even though I wasn't a fan of these, I encourage you to check out other reviews since these books really had a lot of mixed reviews, so it very much could just be personal taste. 

Releases: 9/16/14 
Publisher: Roaring Book Press
Format: Print ARC

I'm going to be completely honest, I did not get very far in this book. I'm talking around page 100 and I put it down. To be fair though, it was a struggle for me to even get that far. The writing was really not for me, I wasn't clicking with any of the characters, and the plot seemed to be EVERY where. I also felt lost. You don't get any back story really and what you do get doesn't really help. Granted, had I have gotten farther maybe I would have gotten a ton, but it just would have seemed to late at that point. At that point I had too many questions and just didn't care what the answers were anyways. It's one I won't be revisiting. 

Released: 9/9/14 
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends
Format: Print ARC

This book started out rough for me but I held on in hopes it would get better. The beginning scenes seemed a little forced, like she was having trouble coming across as a believable teen. When the book moved into the alternate universe I really thought I would get into but the pacing was extremely slow for me and I just could not get invested in the characters. I made it around the halfway mark and the story still hadn't really progressed in my opinion. I've heard so many other people who just rave about this book so maybe one day I will visit this book again, but for now I'm done. I also sent a blogger friend my ARC to do a Guest Review for my blog just to see how her opinion differed, so definitely go check that out. ALSO I love the cover so much I'm tempted to buy this book anyways just for that! LOL 

Released: 8/26/14 
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Format: Print ARC

This book was definitely not for me. I thought all the point of views would be intriguing, which they were some what, until I encountered some REALLY out there point of views that seemed pretty pointless and didn't really add anything to the story in my opinion. I was also really excited about seeing the main couple fall for each other from outsider perspectives, my issue was that all the outsiders made me feel like I was reading from a 13/14 yr old point of view. In no way do any of these characters seem like college students in this book. I debated pushing through, but after talking with a few other blogger friends who had read it and their issues with it, I just knew it wouldn't get better for me. Keep in mind I'm not the biggest contemporary fan, and when I do love them they tend to be more serious contemps. This was just a tad too silly and fluffy for me, especially with the age of the characters not realistically represented.

Did anyone just absolutely LOVE these books? If so feel free to leave your review in the comments! 


  1. I've heard mixed reviews about the first two, but with A Little Something Different, I have a good friend who loved it.

    1. Yep I know several people who loved it also, it just didn't work for sadly. :(

  2. You pretty much know where I stand on these--I am so sad that they didn't work for us :-( I thought I'd love TbF and VoD but alas, I did not. I had no expectations for Something A Little Different--I think because of that I enjoyed it. I thought it was a fun fluffy read. I hope the next set of books hit better.

  3. Same with Ashley, I've heard mixed reviews on the first two. I'm really excited to read A Little Something Different because I kind of do like fluffy contemp reads sometimes.. especially after reading a few serious books in a row... so I'm excited about that one! Sucks it didn't work for you though :(

  4. Aaaawww, I'm so sorry you couldn't get into Trial of Fire because I loved that one!! But when a book is not working for you, it's always better to just give up sometimes!

  5. These are actually all books I intend to read sooner or later (I won ARCs of two and I have one as an e-arc). I'm hoping I don't end up as disappointed as you. I've heard a lot about A Little Something Different and I'm a little nervous about those POVs and the fact that it's such a fluffy book (I prefer more serious contemporaries too).

  6. Ah, I know the feeling - and these are the types of books mini reviews will just have to suffice. I haven't read Trial by Fire or The Vault of Dreamers (waiting for the sequel for both), but I did enjoy A Little Something Different quite a bit! I just wish there had been a few less POVs.


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