Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kids Take Over (1)

Kids Take Over, is hosted here, where I showcase the books I am reading with my kids and give you my feedback, along with theirs, on the books!

Intro Post for Feature:

I know a lot of other bloggers I talk to are parents who enjoy reading with their kids so I thought it might be fun to start a feature on the blog called “Kids Take Over”, where we can showcase the books we read with our kids. I will have my kids help me with the reviewing process and getting their input on the books we read. My daughter is 8 years old and we read a lot of MG stuff along with some awesome classics. I also have two toddler boys so there will be lots of picture books also! I think this would be a fun feature to do with them, plus it can also help us as parents to see what other great books are out there that everyone else is reading. I will be hosting this every Thursday. This is something that I would love other bloggers to start participating in, so please feel free to join, just make sure to link back and leave your link here for others to visit. 

What we read this week…

Released: 8/6/13
Publisher: Viking Juvenile
Format: Print Book

Llama Llama likes to sing.

Gilroy laughs at everything.
Llama sings out just the same.
Gilroy says a not-nice name.
  Teacher has some things to say:
calling names is not OK.
  Llama Llama is learning lots of new things at school and making many friends. But when Gilroy Goat starts teasing him and some of their classmates, Llama Llama isn't sure what to do. And then he remembers what his teacher told him—walk away and tell someone. It works! But then Llama Llama feels badly. Can he and Gilroy try to be friends again?   Taking on a difficult but important part of children's lives, Anna Dewdney gives readers a way to experience and discuss bullying in a safe and comforting way. 

Kids Reactions:

All three of my kids (ages 2, 3, & 8) really enjoyed this book. The boys loved the illustration and had fun pointing out all the animals and toys that were on the pages. They also understood the story easily. They were constantly telling the "bully goat" that he wasn't being very nice. When we were done they wanted to read it again! My 8 year old, who said she was too big for this book at first, changed her mind pretty quickly and decided she liked it too. She then proceeded to talk to the boys about how it isn't nice to make fun of people or pick on others. 

Mommy's Thoughts:

I've always been a big fan of the Llama Llama books since I worked in daycare. This was my first time reading this one and I definitely thought it was super cute. The illustrations were awesome and kept the kids intrigued, and it was written in a way the kids easily understood everything going on even at their young age. If you haven't tried any of the Llama Llama books I would definitely recommend picking them up. These are always books with great lessons in them and entertaining for parent and kid!

What did you and your kids read?
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  1. I will totally be keeping an eye on this feature from now on since small future readers have started to be born around be, and I will be in need of recommendations for sure!


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