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Wednesday Watch (9) with Lizzy Charles

Hi guys!! I haven't done a Wednesday watch in...oh about a month. Have been super busy with the family and just had to step back a little. But I am super excited to post today with guest author Lizzy Charles. I recently read her book EFFORTLESS WITH YOU that is published through Swoon Romance. I absolutely adored her book and hope that you guys check it out. I will have a review up Saturday so be on the look out. Here is a little info about her book to start with :-)

Summary from Goodreads:

School is out and Lucy is ready for the perfect summer: lazy days at the pool, invitations to the most exclusive parties, and romantic dates with her hot new boyfriend. That is, until she lands in trouble one too many times and her parents issue the ultimate punishment: a summer job. Suddenly, the summer can't end fast enough.

To make matters worse, the job is painting houses with Justin, the most popular, egotistical guy in school. Spending all summer with Justin might be other girls' dreams, but definitely not Lucy's. After all, Justin is cocky, annoying, and a jerk. So what if he's the most beautiful jerk Lucy's ever seen? Or that his grin makes her forget she’s mad at the world? Or that maybe, just maybe, there's more to Justin than Lucy realizes. Only one thing is certain: it won’t be the summer she wanted, but it might be exactly the one she needs.

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Here is a little info you can find about Lizzy on Goodreads:

Lizzy Charles
When Lizzy Charles isn’t scrambling to raise her two spunky toddlers or caring for premature and sick babies as a neonatal intensive care nurse, she’s in a quiet corner writing or snuggled up with a novel and a few squares of dark chocolate. Black tea keeps her constant and she loves guacamole. She married her high school sweet heart, a heart-melting musician, so it’s no surprise she’s fallen in love with writing contemporary YA romance novels.

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Q: What age did you start writing?

A: For fun? First grade? With serious hope of becoming a publisher author, 25 years old. I’m 28 right now.

Q: If you weren’t a writer what other profession would you like to be in? 

A: A nurse and mother, which I am. I’m a registered nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit. I’m a mother to two toddlers and another  baby on the way.

Q: What author inspires you? Why? 

A: My greatest inspiration comes from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. She did such a beautiful job of weaving the truth of love, evil, and beauty throughout her novels. Although I don’t write her genre, she definitely inspired me to write. In fact, she not only inspired me to write but to live the way I should, from the heart.

Q: What book has made the most impact on you? Why?  

A: Every book I’ve loved has impacted me for various reasons.  Here are a few that have stuck with me: HP Series, The Giver, Speak, Pride and Prejudice, Eleanor and Park.

Q: Biggest writing quirk? 

A: My first drafts are often written unintentionally in verse. Not a gorgeous verse though. More like bad seventh grade poetry. I spend a lot of time in my first editorial pass removing the rhyme before I let anyone else read it.

Q: Are you working on any other books right now?

A: Yes! The sequel to Effortless With You. 

Q:What made you choose for Justin to be this rich kid with a heart of gold instead of being a spoiled and self-centered?  

A: I set him up that way because it was an attribute that would give Lucy a reason to stereotype him. I love that I got to reveal a responsible guy behind that stereotype.

Q:Who was your favorite character to write? 

A: My favorite character to write was Lucy. Effortless With You was my first novel ever written and I loved the process of discovering exactly who Lucy is as I wrote her, slowly revealing that to my audience. Now, the most fun character to write? Definitely Alex. He’s a blast.

Q: What inspired this book? 

A: I started writing Effortless With You after the birth of my first daughter. It took me nine months to finish my first draft, which I completed the week I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter. The mother/daughter relationship within the book reflects both my fears and hopes of who I would become as a mother of two teenage daughters. 

Q: Lucy is a pretty tough girl throughout the book and she has a lot of self-growth. Was that your main goal with her character? 

A: It was, so that’s wonderful to hear you interpret her that way. I enjoy stories that refine a character, even when they have no idea they need it.

Q: A lot of YA we see these days are very bad about insta-love, your story line steered clear of that, did you make sure to do that or did it just kind of happen?

A: I definitely did not want Justin and Lucy to like one another right away. I wanted Lucy to understand herself, and her growing interest in Justin to reflect that.

This or That:

-White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

Neither. Dark!

-Coffee or Hot Chocolate to warm you during the cold months?

Hot Chocolate.

-Stand alone or Series?

Stand alone. I prefer a clean cut only because when I read the book literally takes over my life.

-Bad boys or Good guys (referring to fictional characters only)?

Good guys. But I really like the guys most who appear to be bad but are actually good! 

Thanks so much Lizzy for the interview! Everyone make sure to leave Lizzy some comment love and come read my review Saturday!!

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