Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Coming Soon!

So I wanted to make weekly events for my blog! I think I came up with some pretty good ideas to start off with, but would love any and all feedback/suggestions! I also had some great people help out too!!

*Sneakpeek Sunday
My reading list for the week
Reviews I have planned for the week

*Mania Monday
giveaways (this day might be a little while before it happens, bare with me)

*Tuesday Tours
Spotlight blogs I find that I love and want to mention

*Wednesday Watch
New and upcoming authors to watch, interviews with them if possible

*Throwback Thursday
Spotlight older books that I love and think everyone should read

*Fan Fun Friday
Fan recommendation and Fun Trivia/Poll

*Spotlight Saturday
New Releases in upcoming week looking forward to
  Also Stacking the Shelves

Like I said though, if you have ANY ideas or suggestions I'm open-minded :)


  1. I also actually came up with a weekly schedule for my blog as well. It's fairly similar to yours. :)

    1. Going to check yours out now Jazmen! I just think I will work better with a schedule lol

  2. Tuesday could be Tuesday Tours...

  3. Sounds great! I LOVE polls and trivia! Heehee!! ;)


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