Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fan Fun Friday (2)

Well obviously it's not Friday! Yesterday was busy and hectic for me, so I'm a day late. :)

Every Friday I will have a guest fan make a recommendation of a book that they want to share with you. Any book, any genre. I also like to ask a couple of fun questions. This week my fan guest is Samantha! She is a super sweet girl that I've have been lucky to get to know a little. 

Hi everyone! It’s such an honor to be part of Fan Fun Friday. I love Crystal’s blog, and I thought this was such a fun idea she had. The book I’m recommending today is Impossible by Nancy Werlin. Impossible is about a 17-year-old girl who discovers she is part of a long generation of women in her family to be cursed. The curse is she will get pregnant at 17 and slowly become mad unless she completes three impossible tasks. The story was inspired by the lyrics to a song, and I love that the author took it and made it into something so original. It has a fairy tale feel that I loved throughout. It had a sweet romance in it that turned into a great message at the end of the book. I found out a sequel type thing (it’s sort of prequelish…I guess…it looks great either way) is coming out in a few months, and I’m beyond excited. If you’re looking for something different and refreshing, I would definitely tell you to try this.

1. Fave genre?:

Young Adult generally. Specifically, I go on kicks between the sub-genres like fantasy, contemporary, historical, etc., and it just rotates a lot. Right now, I'm feeling fantasy.

2. Who is your fictional boyfriend and from what book?:

ALL THE BOOK BOYFRIENDS FROM ALL THE BOOKS. Jk, I think right now (this changes, they know I have commitment issues), my main squeeze is Simon from TMI series. I love his loyalty and devotion to everything he loves, and I'm a sucker for a nerdy-hero. Plus, I just like the name Simon. Simon and Samantha sounds just cheese-y enough to be cute. 

3. Physical book or e-book?:

Physical book. I probably end up reading way more e-books, not intentionally at all, but I love the feel of a physical book. I'm a very visual and hands-on person, so I like seeing it and touching it on my shelves. And if I sniff my Kindle app for the new book smell, it looks a little awkward. 

4. Do you remember what book caused you to be a reading addict?

Honestly, no. My first baby pictures have me holding a book in a reading pose. My mom says they just randomly handed it to me, and I opened it to the first page, right side up and everything. I couldn't read it, of course, and I wasn't a genius baby. I'm sorry this story didn't end like that. I can read, like, pretty darn fast though. So. There's that. Anyway, I don't have any memories of a time that I didn't read. The first book I remember completely and without a doubt adoring was Gail Carson Levine's The Two Princesses of Bamarre. 

5. What's your opinion about love triangles?

Before I was old enough to really date, I never understood how someone could "like-like" two people at the same time, and so for a while, I couldn't stand love triangles. Eventually, I got older (took me a few years to age), and I got a deeper look at what love really was, so now my opinion is ehhhh. I'm not fond of them at all, but if an author can make me believe in it, or can show it in such a different light, then I end up being forever amazed and want to send them glittery cupcakes. Such as the case with Clary-Jace-Simon triangle.

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    1. I loved your answers! Especially about the boyfriends lol

  2. Great Fan Fun Friday!! Stay on a fantasy kick until November!! LOL! ;)


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