Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Watch (2) with Fiona Paul aka Paula Stokes

Every Wednesday I'm going to be featuring an author that I think you should be watching. I hope to be able to snag an interview with them as well. :)

This week my guest author is Fiona Paul, pseudonym  for author Paula Stokes. I am talking to her about about her series, Secrets of the Eternal Rose, and getting to know her a little better! 

Here is a little about Paula that you can find on Goodreads:

"Paula Stokes is part writer, part RN, and 100% thrilled to be part of the world of YA literature. She started out writing historical fiction under a pen name and is now branching out into other YA genres.

When she's not writing (rare), she's kayaking, hiking, reading, or seeking out new adventures in faraway lands. She's petted tigers, snuggled snakes, snorkeled with stingrays, and once enjoyed the suction-cuppy feel of a baby elephant's trunk as it ate peanuts from her palm. Her future goals include diving with Great White sharks, learning Krav Maga, and writing a whole slew of novels, not necessarily in that order."

Q: What made you want to write about the Renaissance era?

A: I was actually hired by Paper Lantern Lit to write the Eternal Rose books, so while I had visited Venice and enjoyed art history enough to be excited by the Renaissance setting, the time period was pitched to me much the way a setting is pitched by a movie studio to a screenwriter. What I have learned throughout the writing process is that historical writing feels awkward and unnatural to me. I'm proud of my books, but it took about three times the effort to write them as it has taken me to write anything else. After spending countless revision hours checking the etymology of word after word after word to make sure it wasn't anachronistic (and still missing some!) I predict you will not be seeing more historical books from me, unless I feel like setting something in the 1990s someday ;-)

Q: Who is your favorite character from Secrets of the Eternal Rose?

A: I have two--Siena, and a courtesan named Flavia who you will meet in STARLING.

Q: Tell me five random facts about yourself.

A: Totally off the top of my head:
1. I refuse to acknowledge the Harry Potter epilogue.
2. I'm currently crushing on Tony Stark AKA Iron Man.
3. I'm obsessed with sharks, firefighters, and Cadbury Creme eggs.
4. I got accepted into the Peace Corps but opted not to go when I found out I would be expected to use corporal punishment on my students if they got poor grades.
5. My first contemp, THE ART OF LAINEY (writing as Paula Stokes), was inspired by the time I got suddenly and inexplicably dumped by a guy I adored when the rest of my life was going perfectly.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do, excluding writing?

A: Exercise....and go out to eat. (See how nicely my obsessions pair off?) I also really really like to travel, but sadly that is slightly more expensive than exercising or eating out ;-)

Q: Who are three of your favorite fictional characters? What books are they from?

1. IRON MAN!! He's from, like, Iron Man and Avengers comics and stuff.
2. Balder, the talking yard gnome who is actually the spirit of a Norse god GOING BOVINE.
3. Audrey, from AUDREY, WAIT, because she made me laugh. I wanted a girl on this list but lately book-girls seem to be too busy angsting about boys or throwing down as robotic murderous ninjas to even make me smile. Or maybe I'm just reading the wrong books? What says you, Internet?

Q: If you could have any super power what would it be?

A: Time traveler, because I feel like I lost a few years somewhere in my 20s and I want those back ;-) Prehensile hair would also be kind of cool.

Q: Humor or Romance?

A: In my world (it's a scary place sometimes) you can have humor without romance but you can't have romance without humor. So I guess I pick humor.

Q: M&Ms or Skittles?

A: Let's get something straight: I needs All the Candy. Asking me to choose is like asking me to pick between food or water, between Iron Man or firefighters--it's just cruel ;-)

Q: Morning person or Night person?

A: I am 100% a night person, sometimes bleeding into an early morning person.

Q: Favorite holiday? Why? 

A: I like Christmas because of the cookies and pretty decorations and Easter because of the aforementioned Cadbury Creme eggs :-D (Somewhere my dentist is planning an expensive vacation, mostly paid by me).

If you missed my review for Venom, you can read it here: Venom by Fiona Paul

Here is a little info on the second book in the series, Belladonna

When nothing is as it seems, the truth may be the deadliest poison of all.

A CHARMING BUT WILD ARTIST ran off with her heart.

HER STRONG, STEADY FIANCE appears to be keeping secrets.

ARRESTED IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT, her fiance is imprisoned on false charges. To free him Cass must journey to Florence, a city haunted by rumors, secret soirees, clandestine meetings, and home to the eerily stunning leader of the Order of the Eternal Rode, the Belladonna herself. Cass can prove Luca's innocence, but can she trust her heart to lead her to the truth? 

DANGEROUS, SEDUCTIVE AND ALLURING this edge-of-your-seat romantic thriller will leave readers wondering not only whom Cass will choose-Luca or Falce-but whether or not all three of them will survive.

If you want more news on the Secrets of the Eternal Rose follow her @FionawritesYA, for info on her upcoming contemporary novels follow her @pstokesbooks .

Thank you so much Paula for the interview! I can't wait to read Belladonna and Starling.

♥ Crystal


  1. Great interview!!! One of my favorite authors EVER!!! :-) *huggles to you both*

    1. Thank you! Means so much coming from a celebrity ;-)

  2. Really cool interview!! But... Why does she refuse to acknowledge Harry Potter epilogue???

    1. I don't know her reasoning, but she's not the first that I have heard say this. I will ask her on twitter for you. ;-)

  3. Here's the deal on the Harry Potter epilogue (and every other epilogue where our kickass teen heroes flash-forward to become married with babies and graying hair and mini-vans etc).

    THERE ARE OTHER ACCEPTABLE FUTURES FOR OUR MAIN CHARACTERS BESIDES 2.1 KIDS AND A DOG!! I know plenty of people, myself included, who chose not to go down the married w/ babies path and are happy doing other things. If that's the path you choose, cool. But in my world, when a big baddie like Voldemort gets vanquished, another baddie steps up to take his place. MY Harry Potter continues to fight evil into his 50s, like Iron Man (It all comes back to Iron Man, heh). He does NOT get gray-haired, chubby, and turn into a BORING GROWNUP. By refusing to acknowledge the epilogue, I get my future awesome Harry and everyone else can have the doting father...if they want ;-)

    1. This is just great!!!!! Iron Man and Paula......I would ship that!!!

  4. Oh, Paula, I like you already! <>

    I SO badly want to go Great White watching (in the safety cage, of course). I adore sharks!

    And we can be super hero girlfriends together! I <3 Thor!! ;)

    1. Idk about all this shark talk.....SCARY! If everyone is picking a super hero can I have Superman? But I want him in his teen days like on Smallville ;-)


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