Friday, August 16, 2013

Shadowhunters and Downworlders: A Mortal Instruments Reader

Book: Shadowhunters and Downworlders: A Mortal Instruments Reader By Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Kate Milford, Diana Peterfreund, Sara Ryan, Scott Tracey Robin Wasserman, Kendare Blake, Gwenda Bond, Sarah Rees Brennan, Rachel Caine, Sarah Cross, Kami Garcia, Michelle Hodkin, Kelly Link
Genre: YA Urban fantasy
Pages: 198
Series: Companion to The Mortal Instruments
Acquired: Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review 
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instrument series, epic urban fantasy set in a richly imagined world of shadowhunters, vampires, werewolves, fairies, and more, has captured the imaginations and loyalty of hundreds of thousands of YA readers. Originally a trilogy (City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass), the series has extended to six titles, plus a prequel trilogy, the Infernal Devices, and a planned sequel series, the Dark Artifices. A feature film is planned for 2013.

Shadowhunters and Downworlders, edited by Clare (who provides an introduction to the book and to eachpiece), is a collection of YA authors writing about the series and its world. 

My Thoughts:

I'm new to the TMI world. I just read all of Clare's books in July. I thoroughly enjoyed them all, so when I saw this book on Netgalley I definitely wanted to read it. I wanted to learn more about this world, and with all the amazing authors pitching in, it had to be amazing! I've done very few companion books, because the few I have read from other series just weren't for me, but curiosity on this one won out. I'm glad that I did read it. This wasn't just a bunch of boring essays thrown in a book. They were all really informative and written in a fun, light way. Thank goodness!

Kami Garcia's essay, Why the Best Friend Never Gets the Girl, is one you don't want to miss. I love the references shes uses from John Hughes films. Those really made me enjoy it. Anytime you bring up Pretty in Pink,  I'm interested. ;) I also enjoyed the essay about Simon from Michelle Hodkin, Simon Lewis: Jewish, Vampire, Hero. You learn a lot of interesting tidbits about Judiasm and the history of vampires. If you are a huge fan of Jace you will especially enjoy Diana Peterfreund's essay Sharper than a Seraph Blade. You get to dig deeper into his character and what makes him tick!

You can tell that this book took a good bit of research and love of this world. I would definitely recommend it for any fan of this series to add to their collection. 

♥ Crystal


  1. I love the Shadowhunter world yet I have not read this yet. I typically have trouble making my way through short stories as odd as that is. I am glad to see you enjoyed them! I can't believe the movie is RIGHT around the corner!

    My Friends Are Fiction

    1. I do too. But since it was an option on NG, I thought why not give it a go! I hope you give it a try! Yes I can not wait to go see the movie Wednesday!!

  2. I also love this series so I'll have to check this out!!

  3. I don't think I have even heard of this series but it sounds interesting. I am your newest follower btw :)


    1. You haven't heard of The Mortal Instruments? You should definitely look them up! The first movie releases 8/21. Thank you, I will give you a follow back Lainy. :)

  4. Sounds like an interesting companion book to the series! I'll have to check it out! ;)


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