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Author Spotlight #3: Bethany Crandell Would You Rather?

SO every month I'm planning on doing an author spotlight! Most of the authors participating will be spotlighted during the month their book releases!! YAY!! There will be a post done each week about the author or their book and most have kindly donated an awesome giveaway! 

I'm absolutely over the moon about sharing this guest post that Bethany did with you guys! It is HILARIOUS and I can see where all the humor from SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS comes from for sure! Thanks so much for sharing this Bethany, and everyone prepare for laughter!!!

Would You Rather?

Experts say that the best “family time” happens around a dinner table—and I couldn’t agree more. Especially if you’re playing a cut-throat game of ‘Would you Rather’ like my family and I do. The premise is simple enough: pose two scenarios and see which one the other player chooses. The hard part is coming up with situations so disgusting/embarrassing/frustrating that your opponent winces at the thought of actually making a decision. It’s in that moment that quality family time sets in.

Over the years, I’ve learned a ton of useless valuable information about my family members thanks to this torturous little game. For example, my eleven year-old daughter would rather go to school naked than be stung by a bee, and my husband would rather have his eyebrows shaved permanently than eat a can of peas every day. Freaks?! YES. Yes, they are. But it’s so fun watching them consider the possibilities that I’m not even bothered by the fact I live with these people.

So, in an effort to give you some highly sought after insight into my warped brain, some of my best writer pals asked me some Would You Rathers. Here’s what I had to say…

Would you rather lick a snail or moon your boss? Ugh. *cringes* Lick a snail. My boss is a very cool guy (scientist/attorney/beer maker) and while I know he’d never speak of the incident, I am very aware that he’d never forget it. A ghastly white, full moon is not the impression I want to leave on anyone.

Would you rather watch as your mother/grandmother/father read a steamy love scene you’ve written, or walk a city block completely nude?  Oh my god! That’s not a cool!! Um…geesh. Probably the steamy love scene. I can always blame my older sisters for corrupting me in my youth.

Would you rather meet your favorite actor in person once but not be allowed to speak, or have a long distance correspondence by letter for one full year but never meet them? Definitely the second situation.  I’m so much more comfortable with words than I am one-on-one with someone (hence the whole writing thing). As much as I’d love to meet Bradley Cooper in person, I fear that my behavior upon doing so would be so inappropriate I’d get thrown into jail so…yeah, option 2 is the safer choice.

Would you rather be locked in a room full of crickets for twenty-four hours or eat a gallon of straight honey? Oh…oh! *flails* Um…geez. Despite my main character’s name, I despise Crickets. I mean, I HATE THEM! Our neighborhood has an ungodly amount of cricket-life in the summer, and I’ve encountered too many of these suckers in the dark, or when I am in the shower and feel something tickle my foot. *cringes* #truestory But straight honey turns my tummy on its head—being nauseous is the worst feeling in the world. So…oh my gawd…I guess the crickets. (There’s no rule that says I can’t smack them all with my shoe, right?!)

Would you rather have a single best seller that leads to a hit movie worth millions, or a string of books that don’t bring much financial wealth, but make you just as well known? SHOW ME THE MONEY! I wish I was cool enough to say it’s just about expressing myself through the written word—finances be damned--but, no way! I dream of writing screenplays one day, and the thought of one of my stories getting turned into a film is way too much to pass up.

Gale or Peeta? *snickers while her cheeks flood with warmth* BAKERY BOY! Yes, I’m aware that Gale is hawt (esp. when he speaks in the accent God gave him!) but Peeta is so endearing and loyal I can’t say no to him. (I meant that in as non-Labrador Retriever way as possible)

Would you rather fart popcorn or have your past and future web browsing history available to everyone? Bwa, ha, ha! As much as I love popcorn *coughs*, I’d have to go with the web history. It’s true I’ve looked up some ridiculous crap in my day (“Zac Efron +shirtless” perhaps) but I’ve never looked up anything that will land me in jail. At least, not under current law.

See how fun that was?!

Now, one for you:  Would you rather buy my book or have ninjas attack you in your sleep and tickle you until you wet the bed?

Well buy your book of course ;-) Guys, what say you??

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