Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Far From You by Tess Sharpe (Review + Giveaway)

**Thank you Cassie at Disney Hyperion for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Sophie Winters nearly died. Twice.

The first time, she's fourteen, and escapes a near-fatal car accident with scars, a bum leg, and an addiction to Oxy that'll take years to kick.

The second time, she's seventeen, and it's no accident. Sophie and her best friend Mina are confronted by a masked man in the woods. Sophie survives, but Mina is not so lucky. When the cops deem Mina's murder a drug deal gone wrong, casting partial blame on Sophie, no one will believe the truth: Sophie has been clean for months, and it was Mina who led her into the woods that night for a meeting shrouded in mystery.

After a forced stint in rehab, Sophie returns home to a chilly new reality. Mina's brother won't speak to her, her parents fear she'll relapse, old friends have become enemies, and Sophie has to learn how to live without her other half. To make matters worse, no one is looking in the right places and Sophie must search for Mina's murderer on her own. But with every step, Sophie comes closer to revealing all: about herself, about Mina and about the secret they shared.

My Thoughts:

This book touches SOOOO many deep issues and I absolutely love it. It was honest and real and dug deep into things that teens truly do have to deal with and that makes me love this book even more. 

FAR FROM YOU brought up issues with drug addiction, sexuality, and being yourself. Sophie struggled with a drug addiction and when her best friend dies everyone thinks it is because of this drug addiction. Sophie feels so alone in trying to find Mina's killer and what actually happened to her that night. 

I like how this book does the"then and now" format through out. I really enjoyed being able to get a real feel of Sophie and Mina's relationship, and even Sophie and Adam's relationship, before Mina died. I thought the book did all their relationships a lot of justice on being realistic and I hope to see this diversity more. 

I love Sophie. She fought so hard no matter what anyone said the whole way through to find out what really happened to Mina. She would not give up no matter how many walls she hit and even when she came face to face with the killer she fought her hardest to bring the killer down so everyone would know what truly happened to Mina. 

Sophie's aunt just so happened to be incredible also. She supported Sophie and I think gave her to extra boost she needed sometimes to keep pushing through.Sophie's parents kind of irritated me but at the same time I couldn't fault them for reacting the way that they did. I mean their daughter was a drug addict, the evidence was there....I could understand the things they did but knowing the truth I still got irritated with them. 

Adam, Mina's brother, is such a great character. I like how even though their was obvious attraction between the two that this story didn't become about them. The fact that it was solely a story about Sophie, and Sophie and Mina made it what it was.....wonderful. 

This book is one of my favorites of 2014 and I urge anyone and everyone to pick it up! You will not be disappointed. 

My Rating:
♥♥♥♥ 1/2


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  1. It sounds like an interesting book!

  2. It sounds so good, and kind of a change of pace from what I've been reading. And I have heard nothing but great things about it so far!

  3. Wow, this sounds like a really great mystery! I'm getting more and more into mystery ya books, and this sounds superb. Thanks for the chance to read it. :D

  4. I am looking forward to reading it because it touches on real life issues. I love a good YA book and this one sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the chance.

  5. It sounds like it evokes emotion and is more than just a hey this is a good book kinda book but rather a book that you would want to talk about and think on

  6. It sounds like a good book that will evoke emotion and deals with stuff other than love triangles and supernatural (which are both good) and instead deals with serious issues


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