Friday, September 6, 2013

Fan Fun Friday (5)

Every Friday I will have a guest fan make a recommendation of a book that they want to share with you. Any book, any genre. I also like to ask a couple of fun questions. This week my fan guest is Rachel. :)

 The book I'm recommending is The Selection by Kiera Cass. I had been drawn to this book first because of the gorgeous cover and it's captivating synopsis. I  couldn't wait to get started and when I did I couldn't put it down.
The Selection takes place 300 years after China invades the USA in war. A wealthy man named George Ilea leads his people to victory and forms the country of Ilea. This new country has an intricate ranking system which ranks families by their occupation. 
The Royal Family, highest rank in the country,  are required to host a competition in which 35 girls are chosen at random to compete to win the Prince's heart, making them Princess and future Queen of Ilea.
The series follows America Singer, born into one of the lowest ranks where she has always been content and happy. At first The Selection is the last thing America wants to be involved in but as little things start to change in her life she realizes how much more is out there. Will America forego her old life and embrace this life changing journey? We'll have to wait till March of 2014 when the third and final installment is released to find out.

To read more about The Selection go here.

Q: Favorite book boyfriend and what book he is from?

A: Oh gosh... I'm still really emotionally connected to The Mortal Instrument characters so I'm gonna go with Jace Wayland

Q: Do you read books again, or only once?

A: I only ready books again if the next consecutive one is coming out and I haven't read the one before in a long time

Q: Stand alone or series?

A: Series! I'm all about character development and I think for you to really be able to see a character change and grow, you have to read about them through multiple books

Q: Weirdest bookish habit?

A: I do most of my reading on my phone so I'd say my weirdest habit is reading at stoplights during books I just can't put down!

Q: All time favorite book character and what book are they from?

A: Simon. Talk about character development.. I've had so much fun watching him grow up and change into who he is now.. I feel like I've known him forever.

Thanks SO much for being part of Fan Fun Friday Rachel :)


  1. Oh shucks I was gonna buy that at Barnes and Noble on Saturday but I had to limit myself to 5 and now i want it


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