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Rooted by Amy Good

Rooted by Amy God

Description from Amy's site:

Chloe Chastain is not just an average teenage girl living in the Pacific Northwest. She's also a tree spirit doing her best to avgoes oid the local werewolf pack and not fail her sophomore year of high school. Or get stuck in detention. Again. 

So when her friend is turned into a werewolf and she attracts a dangerous stalker, Chloe realizes there is more at stake than her permanent record.

My Thoughts:

First I want to start by saying thank you to Amy for offering this book for free to everyone. Then secondly major kudos to the cover artist Danielle Tunstall. She did an amazing job. It is gorgeous and fits in with the book SO well. 

Now on to my feels about this book. Amy is an excellent writer. The way the story is written no detail is spared. The first chapter captivated me and I just HAD to know what Chloe was and how she fit into this world of werewolves. Chloe is a bit quiet and shy but with good reason. She grew up in foster homes and has had a rather tough life. She has had to deal with her special gift on her own with no help for a very long time and things are about to get even more confusing for her. She does have one person that she THINKS is her best friend, Lillian. 

At first Lillian aggravated me a little. When I say a little, I mean I tolerated her because she seemed to care about Chloe, boy how that opinion quickly changed. When the new girl Margot comes into town, and pretty much takes over the school, things in Chloe's life gets worse. I loathe Margot. I don't know if anything would EVER make me like her. EVER. Lillian and her became the perfect definition of high school mean girls and bullies that there is. But I will end my rant there because I could probably go on forever. 

Chloe does find friendship after an awkward incident with Rebecca. I adored Rebecca. She had a spunky personality and wasn't afraid to speak her mind. I really hope to see more of her in the next book. She also finds herself having a connection with a werewolf, Grayson. Now before you say OF COURSE she does, there is no instalove, not even really any kind of relationship beyond friendship. This book definitely steers clear of going that route.

Beyond the characters there are many things going on in Chloe's town that she ends up being dragged into, along with some people that she never expected to be aware of the werewolf world. Along with werewolves she will find that there are more dangerous things out there and some of them are coming right after her. 

Overall I found this book to be very enjoyable, the only problem that I did have was the middle. It did get a little slower reading wise for me there. There were just some things that I think could of been left out, but at the same time I saw there point because it showed more of how Chloe and her power worked. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a paranormal read. 

My Rating:

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