Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (1)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we are given a new topic to make a top ten list. :) 

This weeks topic is:

Top Ten Books I Would Love To See As A Movie/TV Show


My all time top books to movie that I've wanted since 2009 is Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, it is now happening as you most know, I couldn't be more ecstatic about it. Here's to hoping they are PERFECT ;)


Naturally with VA being my #1 I want to see Bloodlines series made into movies also. I'm a huge Adrian fan, so I of course want to see more of him. ;)


I want to see My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century series by Rachel Harris made into a movie. The books were crazy good and I would love to actually see it on screen. 


Lets follow with the theme of Rachel Harris for a minute here.....I think her other book Taste the Heat would be AMAZING to watch, the book itself had my emotions going crazy so I could only imagine what a perfect movie of it would do. 


The Kate Daniel's series would make a GREAT movie. It is so action packed and full of such unique ideas I think it would be amazing to see it come to life. PLUS I want to see Curran ;)


I'm still waiting for the Uglies series to be made into a movie. The books were good, but I feel like movies would be even better. 


I still have hope that we will see the Delirium series made into a tv show or a movie. I think I would prefer a movie just because when there was talk of a show they were going to mess with a lot of the story line.


Richelle Mead's the Dark Swan series I think would be an awesome tv show. There is still so much story line that could go different ways I think without having to compromise the main one. 


The Infernal Devices would be amazing to see as a movie. I love the era its based in and want so bad to see Will come to life!


Lastly, I've always thought that The Book of Tomorrow would make a good movie. It had a really good story line, but one that I wanted to see taken farther. One of those rare books that I think a movie would actually be better. 

Leave your links for your Top Ten Tuesday :)

Do you think these would make good shows/movies? What's your #1 book you want to see made into a show/movie?


  1. I had never heard of the Kate Daniels series until I read your post. Needless to say, It is now a TBR. I had a discussion about something similar to this a few weeks back, where I talked about books vs movie adaptations. I'm always leery about transposing my favorites books to film.. I don't want to be let down.

    Nice post btw :)

    1. I LOVE the Kate Daniels series. Can't say it enough. I'm so glad you are going to read them.I still need to read #6. I hope you let me know how you like them. I'm the same way about movies, it makes me especially nervous. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I definitely will and you're very welcome!

  2. I agree with pretty much all of these-especially the Uglies series. They were really good books, but they would be even better as movies. There is so much potential for them to be more epic!

    1. I agree there really is more potential for them. I really hope they end up doing something with them since they did get the movie rights sold. Fingers crossed.

  3. I loved The Book of Tomorrow! Actually, come to think about it, lots of Cecelia Ahern's books would make good movies!

    1. That is the only one I have read by her so far! What other ones do you recommend?

  4. Yes, yes, YES to all three of the Richelle Mead series! Can you imagine Adrian and Dorian on screen? I'm already drooling at the thought! Also agree with TID, which I put on my list, and MSSSC/ATOTC. I didn't put Delirium, but I'll admit, I'm actually glad the tv show didn't pan out. I didn't like the cast, and I just didn't like the direction it seemed to be going in.

    1. I agree with you about Delirium. I didn't like what they had going, the rights can still be used though, so I just HOPE that if they do something they do a movie & stay with the books better than they had planned! Going to check your list out now :)

  5. I MUST see Adrian, Will, and Jem on the big screen!!! Like NOW! ;)


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