Sunday, September 1, 2013

SneakPeek Sunday (4)

Every Sunday I will post what's on my TBR for the week and what reviews I have planned!

Reading this week:

Taste the Heat by Rachel Harris

Shadows by Paula Weston

Silent Echo by Elisa Freilich

Steel Lily by Megan Curd
Rooted by Amy Good
Taste the Heat by Rachel Harris

Interview and Giveways:
Megan Curd
Ebook copy of Steel Lily

What's on your agenda this week??


  1. I've got a review coing tomorrow and Friday. I'm really excited about reading Taste the Heat and Steel Lily.

    1. To loved them both! I finished Taste the Heat in a day. I'm excited about writing that review! It caused so many emotions,

  2. I have Taste The Heat. Can't wait for your review of it!! :)


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